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The Province of Yorkshire
(North and East Ridings)

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Executive Team

  • Provincial Grand Master
  • Deputy Provincial Grand Master
  • Deputy Grand Superintendant
  • Second Provincial Grand Principal
  • Third Provincial Grand Principal
  • Assistant Provincial Grand Master
  • Assistant Provincial Grand Master
  • Provincial Grand Secretary
  • Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies
  • Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies Chapter
  • Provincial Grand Master

    Jeffrey Gillyon

    Provincial Grand Master
    Grand Superintendent



    Jeff was born in Hull in 1943 and spent all of his early life in and around that City. He is married to Chris, has four sons and eight grandchildren.


    Educated at Hymers College in Hull, Jeff briefly studied accountancy and after an early working life spent in the Port of Hull, was recruited to a consultancy contract with the Saudi Ports Authority. This resulted in an absence of 10 years whilst working in the Middle East and Far East. He returned to the United Kingdom in 1986, joining a family firm specialising in logistics where he was Managing Director of the Company until retiring in January 2009.

    Initiated 1973 into the Old Hymerian Lodge No 6885 and became Master in1989
    Founder Member of the Provincial Grand Stewards’ Lodge No 9611 in 1996
    Joined the Humber Installed Masters’ Lodge No 2494 in 1990 and was Master in 2005
    Joined the Castle Lodge of Harmony No 26 in 2007 and was Master in 2012
    Past Provincial Grand Steward in 1992 (275th Anniversary Appointment), and Provincial Senior Grand Warden in 1997
    Assistant Provincial Grand Master 2003 and Deputy Provincial Grand Master 2004-20013
    Past Grand Standard Bearer 2002, Past Senior Grand Deacon 2004 and Past Grand Sword Bearer since 2005.
    Appointed Grand Steward in 2012
    Appointed Provincial Grand Master with effect from 1st November 2013

    Royal Arch Chapter
    Exalted 1976 into the Kingston Chapter No 1010 and was First Principal in 1996
    Founding Scribe E of the White Rose Schools Chapter No 6843 in 1995
    Founder Member of the Provincial Grand Stewards’ Chapter No 9611 and First Principal at consecration in 1999
    Past Provincial Grand Steward in 2000 and Past Provincial Grand Scribe N in 2001
    Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies  2005
    Appointed Grand Superintendent with effect from 1st November 2013


  • Deputy Provincial Grand Master

    D Chambers smDavid Chambers

    Deputy Provincial Grand Master;

    Personal Details
    Born in Croydon Surrey in 1949
    Married to Maureen
    Involved in a number of community activities including the Magistracy, Rotary and dog rescue.
    Enjoys: Theatre, music, country pursuits, ballroom dancing and amateur dramatics.

    Career Details
    Educated at the Universities of Surrey [Physics], Sussex {Social Sciences] Nottingham Law School and the Inns of Court School of Law [LLB and Barrister].
    Spent most of working life as an academic initially as an environmental scientist but latterly as Professor and Head of Law.
    Occasionally still lecture in law but mainly involved with voluntary work when not engaged in Masonic activities.

    Masonic Biography
    Initiated into Crescamus Lodge No 7776 (Surrey) December 1974. (WM 1985/86) PPAGReg (Surrey)
    Member Portus Felix lodge June 2005 (WM 2009/10)
    Founder Myton Lodge No 9808 November 2005 (WM 2013/14)
    Member Inquirimus Lodge of Installed Masters No 8132 February 2010.
    Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary May 2012 – January 2016
    Provincial Grand Secretary January 2016
    Deputy Provincial Grand Master Nov 2018
    Exalted into Calculus Chapter No 3575 (London) May 1978. MEZ 1996/97 and 2005/06.
    Royal Chapter No 643 December 2005 MEZ 2008/09.
    Provincial Grand Stewards Chapter No 9611 2008 Scribe E 2010/12
    Humber Installed Principals Chapter No 2492 May 2013.

    Provincial Grand Steward September 2008
    Provincial Assistant Grand Scribe Ezra September 2013 - 2016
    Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals September 2014
    Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra January 2016


  • Deputy Grand Superintendant

    J Smith

    Jonathan Smith

    Deputy Grand Superintendent



    Born in Beverley, East Yorkshire in 1959 and has lived in and around Beverley to date.
    He is married to Helen, has two daughters and two granddaughters. An early hobby for Jonathan was in Motorsport but this was only brief and not exactly distinguished.
    He has however maintained his interest in anything mechanical and has a collection of exhibition Classic vehicles.
    Having trained a working cocker spaniel sniffer dog some years ago, Jonathan is often found enjoying country walks with this companion, Benson and other family members..



    Jonathan has worked since leaving school in various departments engaged in investigative work with, for and on behalf of statutory authorities.
    He considers himself somewhat retired but still manages to engage in associated activities and in recent years has been involved in the drug and alcohol screening industry.



    Initiated 1996 in The Ridings Tablers’ Lodge No 9586 and became Master in 2003
Member of the Provincial Grand Stewards’ Lodge No 9611 in 2005 and was Appointed Master in 2010 Joined the Humber Installed Masters’ Lodge No 2494 in 2006
Joined the Denison Lodge No 1248 in support of change in 2014/15
    Founder member of the Square Wheels Lodge No 9966
2018 Festival Committee and Vice Chair 2011-2016
    Provincial Membership Officer 2016-18
Provincial Senior Grand Warden 2010
Past Grand Standard Bearer 2018

    Royal Arch Chapter

    Exalted 2002 into the Constitutional Chapter No 294
    Joined Alexandra Chapter No 1511 in 2010 and was First Principal in 2013 and again in 2016
    Founding P.Soj of the Ridings Tablers’ Chapter No 9586 in 2015
Honorary Member of the Provincial Grand Stewards’ Chapter No 9611
    Past Assistant to the three Grand Principals 2018
Appointed Deputy Grand Superintendent 2019
    Other Orders Past Master Beverlac Mark No 281
    Mark Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies
    Past Commander Royal Ark Mariners 12Ti
    Founder member and Past Master of the Provincial White Rose Lodge of IM of MMM No. 1939
    Marshall and Past Master Court of Beoferlic No 59 Masonic Order of Athelstan
    Provincial Grand Sword Bearer Province of Lindsey Masonic Order of Athelstan
    Allied Masonic Degree Paragon E

  • Second Provincial Grand Principal

    P harperPaul Harper

    Second Provincial
    Grand Principal 



    Personal Details: Born in Hull and educated at the Hull Grammar School, he later attended the Universities of Lincoln, Hull and Huddersfield gaining a BA (Hons), MA and Dip’ Ed’. He became a Police Officer in the mid-seventies and spent the last years of his service as a Senior Investigating Officer and Hostage Negotiator. He also enjoyed a parallel career teaching, mainly at the University of Lincoln, together with teaching, writing and publishing on areas of interest to Police Officers. He left both police work and academia in 2005 to work with HM Coroner and retired fully in 2016. He is married and has one daughter who is works in the Criminal Investigation Department and is married to an Anti-Terrorist Officer. He spends his ‘leisure time’, between cruises, working for Freemasonry.


    Initiated into the Wilberforce Lodge, No.2134 in 1992 and was elected Master in 1996. Exalted in the Wilberforce Chapter, No.2134 in 1994 and became its First Principal in 1998. Joined the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge, No.9611 in 1999 and the Provincial Grand Stewards Chapter, No.9611 in 2002, becoming its First Principal in 2010-2012 and an Honorary Member in 2017. Appointed Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies in in the Supreme Grand Chapter of England in 2010-11 and promoted to Past Grand Standard Bearer in 2017. Joined the White Rose Schools Chapter, No.6843 in 2011; currently acting as Treasurer. Installed as the Third Provincial Grand Principal in 2012-2013. Appointed Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies in the United Grand Lodge of England in 2014 and promoted to Past Junior Grand Warden in 2019. Appointed the Lead Editor for Solomon in 2018 and the Content Manager in 2019. Installed as the Second Provincial Grand Principal in 2019 and appointed the Lead of the Membership PMG.

  • Third Provincial Grand Principal

    C ThomasChris Thomas

    Third Provincial
    Grand Principal 


    My name is Chris Thomas I am married to Susan who is a florist and Milner I have a daughter Katie 32 who is a teacher in Driffield and a Grandson Travis who is 12 and a Granddaughter Amelia Rose who is 4 years old.

    I was born 30th November 1955 at the Royal Hampton Court Hospital. Then went to Schoolat the DeBrome School for Boys after which started an apprenticeship with British Aircraft Corporation in Weybridge after studying for my City & Guilds in London I then went on to complete my apprenticeship in 1975. During my time with BAC I worked on the world famous Concorde, even having the privilege of flying on it. I then left and went to work for British Overseas Aircraft Corporation at Heathrow Airport.
    I then moved to Yorkshire Bridlington to run and manage Thomas Sports Equipment after my father broke both legs doing a parachute display at Biggen hill air show. Thomas Sports Equipment was a parachute equipment manufacturer enlarging to add two further companies AirCare and KKHoldings.
    During this period I worked all over the World for the company including Sarawak in Malaysia as well as 2 years in the Middle East teaching Parachuting to the Special Forces in 1991 and 2003.
    I have manufactured parachute equipment from my factory in Pinfold Lane, Bridlington for the last 50 years, employing local people throughout this time. As a leading producer and equipment designer in my field of business I have many experiences, including my involvement in the study for a combined operation between SAS, Royal Marines and the Royal Air Force for exiting an aircraft over the United Kingdom and landing in France. I have been lucky enough during the operation of Thomas Sports to rub shoulders with the stars. I doubled for Harrison Ford in the film Hanover Street, performed stunt jumps for the some of the Bond Film as well as supplying parachute equipment for may other films, whilst also manufacturing and supplying emergency equipment for Richard Branson’s Balloon World Record Attempt and several of the James Bond series of movies and recently for the new The New Bat Man film the Dark Side Rises film released in 2012. And at present the New Mission Impossible film with Tom Cruise
    My first skydive was at the age 17 at Grindale my personal achievements include several gold, silver & bronze medals for skydiving including representing my country at World Class Level. I was also a member of the Brittany Ferries Display Team. My other achievements include AFF Instructor, Tandem Master & Advanced Rigger and now have over 10,001 parachute jumps. The One was in to York race course last year to deliver the Festival amount.
    Just recently the company changed to Thomas Defence Systems. The only English sport parachute manufacturer and emergency parachute manufacturer for gliders & light aircraft. More recently I have become President of the E.A.S.P, European Association for Safety Parachutes based in Bruxelles, Belgium. This organization set to safely harmonies European guidelines and recommendations for safety parachutes.
    I am currently serving as an assistant to the Lord Feoffees. For many years I have supported local and national charities in fund raising I am also on the Board of Trustees of the Mrs D L Richardson’s Almshouse Charity, I am on the Board of Trustee on the Bridlington School Founders Association And I recently received the Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom Bronze Medal from His Royal Highness Prince Andrew


    I was initiated into the St John of Bridlington lodge 4434 on the 3rd September 1998 (Master in 2006). Provincial Grand Stewards 2006, Provincial Senior Grand Warden May 2013 Londesborough Royal Arch Chapter 734 on the 8th January 2003 (MEZ 2011). Provincial Grand Stewards 2007, Provincial Grand Sojiner 2014. Current Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies.
    Londesborough Preceptory of Knights Templar #202 on the 27th October 2003 (Preceptor 2006-08). Provincial 1st constable 11-2013 Now The Provincial Marshall (DC) Londesborough Mark Masters Masons Lodge #291 on the 13th December 2006. (Master 2016) The Holy Royal Arch Knights Priests or Order of Holy Wisdom St Paulinus #35 on the 14th September 2007 the High Priest in 2017
    Londesborough Rose Croix Chapter #208 in November 2012.
    Grand Masters Body Guard KT May 2014 until know

    I am also a member of The Provincial Grand stewards Lodge #9611. (Master 2015-2017)
    Bridlington Bay Lodge #9778 (Master 2011)
    Master of the new London and Yorkshire Lodge (Panmure) 702
    Humber Installed Masters Lodge #2497.
    Humber 1st Principal chapter #2494.
    A member of the Provincial Grand Charity 2004 to 2007
    Was the LIO regional coordinator for the east coast area 2004 to 2008
    Was on the Provincial General Purposes Committee 2007 to 2009
    Was on the Provincial Communication Committee 2008 to 2010
    Organised the yearly trip to United Grand Lodge of England 2007 to 2010

  • Assistant Provincial Grand Master

    D SubbleyDenis Raymond Stubbley

    Assistant Provincial Grand Master


    Personal Details

    Born in Middlesbrough and educated at Archibald Primary School, which was also the school of Don Revie the famous football manager. Secondary education at Middlesbrough High Grammar School.
    Attended Newcastle University Dental School from 1972 to 1977.
    Student President in 1976
    Entered general practice in Nottingham in 1977 until 1984 when he returned to Middlesbrough to establish his own dental practice in Acklam. The practice is devoted to private personal care where Denis specialises in dental implant surgery and invisible orthodontics.
    President British Dental Association Northern Region 1996
    Awarded Fellowship of the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners by examination 1996 Gained Fellowship of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists in 2003
    Married to Sharon since 1979 having had four children and (currently) three grand children.

    Masonic Biography

    Craft. Initiated into University of Nottingham Lodge 7598 November 1981
    Joining member Ferrum Lodge 1848 Yorkshire N&E 1984 Master in 1995
    Provincial Senior Grand Warden 2012
    Chairman Festival 2018
    Awarded Grand Rank as PJGD April 2019
    Appointed Assistant Provincial Grand Master 2019

    Royal Arch;
    Exalted into Ferrum Chapter 1848 December 1989 Z in 2001
    Provincial Grand Steward 2003
    Provincial Grand Registrar 2006
    Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals 2008
    Second Provincial Grand Principal 2009-2012
    Grand Rank in Chapter as PGStB 2010
    Promoted in SGC to PAsstGSoj 2018
    Passions outside of masonry are family, friends, food, wine, Northern Soul Music, dancing, sailing and skiing, but not necessarily in that order!


  • Assistant Provincial Grand Master

    Stephen RobinsonStephen Robinson

    Assistant Provincial Grand Master



    Personal Details

    Stephen was born in 1960 in Durham and spent most of his early years there. He is married to Sandra and they have a son and a daughter.

    Career Details

    Stephen was educated at the Deanery Grammar School in Chester-le-Street and has spent most of his life as a Bank Manager in various positions across Yorkshire.

    He is now employed part-time as a Contracts & Finance Manager for a voluntary sector consortium.

    Masonic Career

    Initiated 1986 into the Anchor Lodge No 1337 and was Master in 1997
    Provincial Grand Pursuivant in 1998, when he joined the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge, where he was Treasurer for 5 years.
    Provincial Senior Grand Warden in 2003
    Founding Treasurer of White Horse Lodge of Installed Masters in 2005 and Master in 2015
    Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies since 2010
    Assistant Provincial Grand Master from April 2016…..

    Royal Arch Chapter
    Exalted into Anchor Chapter No 1337 in 1988 and First Principal in 2001
    Past Provincial Grand Sword Bearer in 2006, Past Provincial Grand Scribe N since 2008
    Founding Treasurer of White Horse Chapter of Installed Principals in 2009

    When not involved in his freemasonry, Stephen enjoys a round of golf, foreign travel and good wine, but not necessarily all at the same time.




  • Provincial Grand Secretary

    A JessopAdrian Jessop

    Provincial Grand Secretary 
    Provincial Grand Scribe E 

    Personal Details
    Born in Guisborough and educated at Barnard Castle School.
    Married to Ros with two sons.
    Social: An enthusiastic walker having completed a number of long distance walks as well as other treks around the country and in Europe. Other interests are motoring and vehicle orientated activities.

    Career Details
    Joined Cleveland Police in 1974 where he spent a major part of his service with the Road Policing Unit in various roles before retiring in 2005.
    He then continued his career path as a civil servant with Highways Agency before full retirement in 2015.

    Masonic Biography
    Initiated into Lofthouse Lodge No. 6357 in 1990.
    Founder member of Ayton Lodge No. 9595, WM in 2003 and again in 2018.
    Joining member of Old Barnardian Lodge No 9358, Province of Durham. WM in 2009.
    Joining member of Roseberry Lodge of I.M. No. 8571 in 2013.
    Joining member of the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge in 2014.
    Provincial Assistant Grand Registrar in 2010.
    Provincial Grand Pursuivant in 2014.
    Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary in 2015.
    Provincial Grand Secretary in 2018.
    Exalted into Old Barnardian Chapter in 2000, Z in 2016.
    Joined Handyside Chapter in 2013, Z in 2018.
    Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra in 2018.


  • Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies

    D-BroadleyDavid Broadley

    Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies


    David was born In Ripon in 1961 and has lived in Masham all his life. He is married to Shirley and between them they have five children. Amy, Emily, Adam, Charlotte, and Marc. He was educated at Pocklington School and studied at Trent Polytechnic, he came back to join his father in the family Insurance Brokers. Has worked in the business now for 33 years.

    Initiated into Thornborough Lodge 6434 in 1995. Master in 2005-2006 and also been master at De Gray and Ripon 2010-2011 (West Riding) First appointed in 2012 as Prov AGDC and then Prov Dep GDC in2014. Following illness of the previous Prov GDC appointed in October 2016 to his present role.

    Royal Arch Chapter
    Exalted into Beresford Peirse Chapter 2610 in 2000.And was MEZ in 2009/10 Appointed Provincial Steward in 2010 becoming a member of the Provincial Stewards Lodge. Appointed Prov G Standard Bearer in September 2014 and now Past Provincial Grand Sojoner.


  • Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies Chapter

    Mark HallMark Hall

    Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies



    Mark was born in Harrogate in 1967, educated at Northallerton Grammar School and now lives in Northallerton.
    Married to Tracy who is a senior Accountant for Tata Steel.
    Mark has five children Charlotte and Rachael who are twins, Thomas and Rebecca who are twins and Philippa who was born on her own, much to the relief of Mark and Tracy.


    At the age of 20 bought his father’s Milk round and went on in the coming years to buy further rounds.
    At the age of 21 bought his first rental property which he converted into 6 bedsits and has continued to buy property over the last 25 years. In 2013 sold his Milk rounds to a Dairy and now commits his working time expanding his Property Portfolio.

    Initiated in Anchor Lodge in May 1994 became WM in 2004 Received Craft Provincial preferment 2005, as an Active Provincial Steward and a further preferment in 2011 as Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies. An Officer held for a period of Fours, one more year than normally required. In April 2015 received preferment from The United Grand Lodge as Assistant Grand Standard Bearer and is the youngest brother in our Province to hold a Grand Lodge preferment.

    Royal Arch Chapter.
    Exalted into Anchor Chapter in November 1995 and became MEZ in 2010. Received Chapter Provincial preferment in 2016 as Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies and a further preferment in 2017 as The Provincial Director of Ceremonies Made an Honorary member of The Ridings Tablers Chapter in 2017

The Executive team can be reached through the Provincial Grand Secretary