Historical Timeline

Freemasonry & Yorkshire North and East Ridings : Principal Historical Events

(Note: items relating to Yorkshire North and East Ridings are listed in blue)

  • 1425-1777

    1425    Masons Assemblies prohibited by Parliament.
    1646    Elias Ashmole (Windsor Herald) and other Gentlemen of distinction were initiated.
    1717    4 Lodges In London Formed the “Premier Grand Lodge of England”. (June 24th). At the “Goose & Gridiron” Anthony Sayer, Grand Master.
    1725    The First Provincial Grand Master was appointed, and  The Grand Lodge of Ireland was established.
    1728    Twelve Grand Stewards first appointed.
    1736    The Grand Lodge of Scotland was established 1736.  
    1751    The Antient (or Atholl) Grand Lodge was formed  (Which purported to operate with earlier Ritual than 1717.)
    1763    Lennox Lodge (So named in 1799) (Now No. 123) was constituted and met at the “Freemasons Arms” Bargate Richmond; this being the earliest dated Lodge, still now meeting in the [“Province of Yorkshire North & East Ridings”; Constituted in 1817.]
    1764    The first Lodge in Whitby met At the “Golden Lion”
    1766    Charter of Compact : Constituted the “Grand Chapter”
    1769    The Humber Lodge, was Originally an Athol Lodge. (Now No. 57). After the Meeting in 1809, and using the “Ancient Knight Templar Lodge’s defunct Warrant of 1777” its name was transferred in 1810 to the Humber Lodge then meeting at the Fleece Inn, Market Place, [Still now meeting in the “Province of Yorkshire North & East Ridings Constituted in 1817.]
    1773    Freemason’s Hall: Gt. Queen St. Committee was appointed.
    1775    Freemason’s Hall: Foundation Stone was laid.
    1776    Freemason’s Hall: was Dedicated.
    1777   York  Lodge  (Now No. 236)   (1870)  in York. : ( this was previously the “Union Lodge” (1777) meeting at Lockwood’s Coffee House, Micklegate, York. The York Lodge 1870, was meeting at the Theatre Coffee House Petergate York in1786.  [Still now meeting in the “Province of Yorkshire North & East Ridings Constituted in 1817.]


  • 1783-1817

    1783    Minerva Lodge  (Now No. 250) Worked under Dispensation in 1782 at the Masons’ Arms, Chapel Street,  Hull, Constituted October 8th. 1783, and then met at the Masonic Hall, Prince Street, Hull,1882, and in 1874 met at Dagger Lane, Hull. 1874. (Being the same Hall with the entrance now being in Dagger Lane). [Still now meeting in the “Province of Yorkshire North & East Ridings Constituted in 1817.]
    1788    Royal Masonic Institution for Girls was founded.
    1788    Old Globe Lodge  (Now No. 200)  Met at the Old Globe Inn, Globe Street, Scarborough, without a Warrant     from February 1788, and afterwards under a Provincial Warrant August 23rd.1788. Constituted 5th March 1791.[Still now meeting in the “Province of Yorkshire North & East Ridings Constituted in 1817.]
    1790    HRH Edward, KG (afterwards the Duke of Kent) was Initiated.
    1790    HRH Edward Duke of Kent KG, was Appointed PGM.
    1793     Constitutional  Lodge  (Now No. 294) Beverley.  Met at the Golden Ball, Toll Gavel, Beverley, on March 6th  1793, then, the same year, Met at the Tiger Inn North Bar Street, Beverley. Constituted June 17th 1793. [Still now meeting in the “Province of Yorkshire North & East Ridings Constituted in 1817.]
    1797     Lion Lodge  (Now No. 312) was Constituted January 30th 1797.  Date of Warrant, January 14th.1797. Met at the Golden Lion, Golden Lion Bank, Whitby. [Still now meeting in the “Province of Yorkshire North & East Ridings; Constituted in 1817.]
    1798    HRH Augustus Frederick (afterwards the duke of Sussex) was Initiated.
    1798    Royal Masonic Institution for Boys was founded.
    1801    Thomas Harper appointed DeptGM, of the Antient Grand Lodge.
    1813    HRH the duke of Sussex, elected Grand Master, on the resignation of the HRH the Prince Regent (afterwards King George IV) who took the Title of Grand Patron.  
    1813    HRH the duke of Kent was elected Grand Master Antient Grand Lodge.
    1813    HRH the duke of Sussex GM, and  HRH the duke of Kent GM the Athol of Antient Grand Lodge, sign the  “Articles of Union” on November 25th.1813    The “Union” was ratified at Especial Grand Lodges of each Constitution, separately held on December 1st.
    1813    First Lord Dundas Appointed DeptGM.
    1813    Grand Assembly of Freemasons for the Union of the two Grand Lodges of England HRH the Duke of Sussex, GM. 27th. December.
    1814    HRH the Duke of Sussex GM installed as Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England 2nd. May.
    1815    Constitutions of the United Grand Lodge of England published.
    1817    Union of then Grand Chapter with the Antient Royal Arch Masons 18th March.


  • 1817-1883

     1817   The “Province of Yorkshire” of was divided into two Provinces:-  The “Province of Yorkshire West Riding”, and  “The Province of Yorkshire North and East Ridings” From 1817, Lawrence Lord Dundas was the first Provincial Grand Master of this new Province, which was formally Constituted on 14th August 1821; His Appointment having been back-dated to 1817.     
    1830    The Grand Charity Jewel instituted.
    1839    Lawrence Lord Dundas died.
    1842    Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution founded.
    1844    Earl of Zetland ProGM Elected and Installed as GM., Oct.15th.
    1850    There were now 10 Lodges In the Province of Yorks.NER., and 747 Lodges in the English Constitution.
    1852    The first Lodge in Middlesbrough, the [ “North” York Lodge ]  (Then 876, later 602), was consecrated in December1852. Its Name is the result of a suggestion by some Brethren of the “York Lodge” (now 236), who liked the idea of this obvious link.
    1860    The First Meeting of the The Province of Yorkshire North and East Ridings, was held in Middlesbrough.
    1870    The Marwood Lodge No. 1244, Initiated the first blind man ever admitted to Freemasonry on Jan. 4th 1870. Since then, there have been others, eg, in recent years at Pocklington where the guide dog was in the room throughout the ceremony.
    1874    The Grand Master, Lord Ripon, Installed the Marques of Zetland, as the Provincial Grand Master of Yorkshire North & east Ridings.
    1874    HRH the Prince of Wales KG, afterwards Edward VII, became Grand Master, on the resignation of the Marques of Ripon KG.
    1878    The “Ferrum Lodge” No. 1848 was established as the second Lodge in Middlesbrough.
    1880    The foundation Stone of the Cathedral at Truro. Laid by HRH the Prince of Wales KG GM.
    1883    Freemasons Hall built in 1775 was partially destroyed by fire, May 3rd., and the building was restored in 1884.


  • 1901-1918

    1901    HRH the duke of Connaught and Strathearn, KG elected Grand Master on King Edward’s accession to the Throne and becoming Protector of the Order. 6th. March.
    1901    HRH the Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, KG Grand Master installed at the Royal Albert Hall 17th.
    1907    AT the Provincial G. L. Yorks. NER. Meeting, it was resolved that, the PGSec., would be paid £75 annually for his official work.
    1908    VW Bro. the Dean of York, presented a Chippendale Bookcase with 60 Selected Volumes, to Lord Ronaldshay As a Wedding Gift, from the Brethren of the Province.
    1909    Lord Ripon died. Grand Lodge resolved to raise a fund to establish a “Temple” in London, worthy of being the Home of Freemasonry.
    1910    King Edward the VII died.
    1910    The Connaught Rooms, previously called the “Freemasons Tavern”, was opened to the public.
    1910    Centenary of the Re-Union of all the Lodges under the “United Grand Lodge of England”
    1911    AT the Provincial G. L. Yorks. NER. Meeting this year, the RW PGM, the Marques Of Zetland, noted that when he was Installed 37 years ago, there were 23 Lodges in the Province; and now there were 36.  At that meeting, Lord Bolton DPGM, advised the Brethren to be particularly careful in ensuring the good character and qualifications of all candidates reached the required standards expected in Freemasonry.
    1912    At the P.G.Lodge,  (held in the Guildhall at York) the PGM related the ‘Early Historical Details’ of “Freemasonry in the City of York”, in his address to the Brethren.
    1913    At the P.G.Lodge, it was reported that, a few copies of the “Ancient York Rolls of Constitution” published by P.G.Lodge, were available at 5 Shillings per copy, from the Provincial Secretary.
    1917    The PGM., the Marques of Zetland attended the Celebration of the Bi-Centenary of the Premier Grand Lodge of England, at an Especial Grand Lodge held at the Royal Albert Hall over which HRH the Duke of Connaught and Strathearn KG GM presided and representatives of the Grand Lodges of Scotland, Ireland and of the Dominions were present on 23rd. June. 1917
    1918    Province of Yorkshire North & East Ridings : Having achieved 100 years in 1917, the provincial Grand Master, said that due to the war, we felt we should not hold a celebration to mark the event at that time.  However, we do hope to mark the occasion next year (1919)


  • 1918-1923

    1918   During this year, Grand Lodge had made many alterations to the Book of Constitutions, some of which were listed in the 1918 Year Book.  Secretaries were requested to ensure all Lodges became aware of, and practiced the new changes.  
    1918    At this time there were 39 Lodges in the Province Of Yorks NER, with a total of 3,283 Members: (an average of 82 per Lodge)
    1919     Celebration of Peace, at an Especial Grand Lodge at the Royal Albert Hall, MW Bro. Lord Ampthill, GCSI, GCIE, Provincial Grand Master Presided, in the absence, through illness, of the Grand Master, HRH the Duke of Connaught and Strathern, KG, HRH  Prince Arthur of Connaught, KP, PGW, attended, as well as deputations from the Grand Lodges of Ireland, Scotland, the Dominions, and of the United States of America On June 27th. HRH the Duke of Connaught and Strathern, KG, GM, appealed for a Masonic Peace Memorial and consequent was the establishment of the Masonic Million Memorial Fund.
    1919    Prince Albert (afterwards the Duke of York, KG, & later King George VI) was initiated on Dec. 2nd.
    1920    Two more Yorkshire NER Lodges had been formed since1918, making 41 Lodges; 3,626 Members.
    1921    The PGM., the Marques of Zetland, was congratulated upon the Province of Yorkshire North & East Ridings, Having achieved its centenary in 1917, and having formally constituted on 14th August 1821. (His Appointment having been back-dated to 1817). Previously to the above Meeting, a Special Service was held in York Minster, when very many Brethren attended.
    1921    The RW PGM, the Marques Of Zetland presided at the Provincial Grand Lodge, hosted by the “York Lodge” (being the same as the “Union Lodge”). He thanked the York Lodge, for making the occasion a memorable and successful event, now the Province having passed its Centenary.
    1922    Provincial Grand Lodge was held at Thirsk on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Falcon Lodge.
    1923    Marques Of Zetland resigned as PGM, after 50 years dedicated service.
    1923    The Rt. Hon. Earl of Ronaldshay, was Installed as PGM., on Nov.23rd.  Now 46 Lodges in the Province.


  • 1923-1929

    1923    Vulcan Lodge 4510 principally formed by brethren of the North York Lodge No.602, was Consecrated.
    1923    HRH  Duke of York KG, invested as SGW by HRH  Duke of Connaught & Strathern, KG, GM. June 6th.
    1924    Plans for the Masonic Peace Memorial Building in Great queen Street were invited, in March.
    1924    The Provincial Grand Lodge was held at the Ferrum Lodge in Middlesbrough.
    1924    A “Gold Loving Cup” was presented to the RW Most Hon. Lord Zetland; subscribed by the Brethren of all the Lodges of the Province.
    1925    Three new  Lodges were Consecrated; namely, Captain Cook Lodge at Marton, Minster Lodge at York, and St. Andrews Lodge at Hull.
    1925    A special Festival in aid of the Masonic Million Memorial Fund was held at Olympia, Kensington, under the Presidency of HRH the Duke of Connaught and Strathern, KG, GM, HRH  the Duke of York KG, ProvGM of Middlesex, Prince Arthur of Connaught KG, ProvGM Berkshire attended together with some 7,000 Brethren, when 11,554 Stewards represented, promised contributions amounting to £826,014. 11s. 8d.
    1926   The number of Brethren in the Province was now 4,888.
    1927    The Foundation Stone of the Peace Memorial Building was laid (by electrical connection) in the Royal Albert  Hall by HRH the Duke of Connaught and Strathern, KG, GM, nearly 8,000 Brethren being Present on July 14th.
    1927    Two new Chapters were consecrated; Agricola at York, and the Royal at Filey.  This year £3,750 was collected; being a record for the Province. PGM was attended the York Lodge when it celebrated its 150th Anniversary.
    1927   A collection of old Masonic Glass and China was presented to the Province by W.Bro. H. Dunkerly.
    1927   York Minster celebrated its 1300th. Anniversary, and as a result of the appeal by ‘Province of the West Riding’, and the ‘Five York Lodges’,  the Four Lancet Windows of the Minster were preserved.
    1928   £8,000,000 had now been raised for the completion of the home of British Freemasonry in London.
    1929   This Year the North York Lodge No.602, in Middlesbrough, was host to the Provincial Meeting. The Provincial Grand Lodge Yorks N.E.R., arranged to pay the York Lodge No. 236 the sum of £150. per year for rent, rates, heating, lighting and cleaning, for the next 25 years.


  • 1930-1935

    1930    At the Provincial Grand Lodge under the banner of the Lion Lodge 312, The PGM., thanked brethren for their donation of various artifacts to the Provincial Museum collection. The DPGM., was given £200 to furnish the new  Provincial Grand Lodge premises.
    1931    Yorkshire NER., now comprised of 51 Lodges. The PGM., thanked several Brethren for various further additions of Books, China, Pottery and glass ware, to the Provincial Museum.
    1932    W.Bro. W. L. Wade-Dalton was appointed DPGM. The PGM remarked upon the distribution of Grand, and Provincial Grand Honours, pointing out in some detail how they were awarded. He further said that if a Brother was to decline a Provincial Honour, then it would not be in accord with the dignity of his Lodge!
    1933    Dedication of the new Grand Temple, and Masonic Peace Memorial at Gt. Queen Street, London.
    1933    This was a landmark year Freemasonry with the completion and dedication of the “Masonic Peace Memorial” by the MW Grand Master; the whole building being a Monument to the craft. The Royal Masonic Hospital was opened by the King.
    1934    The PGM., consecrated the Brough Lodge No. 5464.  
    1934    Notice was given that September 5th. ‘Quarterly Communication of Grand Lodge’ would be held at Newcastle.
    1934    Interestingly the North York lodge No. 602, Annual Subscription, was then £1-10.00. ( £1.50 )
    1935    W.Bro W.L. Wade-Dalton PGD. DPGM., presided at the Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting. He related to the Brethren, the contents of a communication from the PGM., sending his greetings to all the Brethren, and in particular his express thanks to both the Wardens of the Province for the zealous manner in which they had performed their duties during this year, when the PGM had been often absent. The Most Hon. Marquess of Zetland had been appointed as “Secretary of State to India. There were now 5187 Brethren in the Province.
    1935    The Acting PGM Presented to the Provincial Secretary W.Bro. F.W. Laughton, a “Book of Signatures” and  The sum of £290. as a token of the esteem, friendship and affection of all the Brethren in the Province who had subscribed to the same, in respect of his dedicated work for the Province


  • 1936-1967

    1936    Provincial Grand Lodge was held at the ‘Spa at Scarborough’ The PGM expressed profound sorry at the death of King George; likewise at the death of the Pro Grand Master Lord Ampthill and the deputy grand Master Lord Cornwallis. The PGM reported that he had received back into the Province, the White Marble Bust of Dr. John Ian Bell who was DPGM of the Province from 1868 to 1886 and that this was a greatly valued artifact.
    1938    There were now 5,006 Lodges in the English Constitution.
    1934    Sept. 5th. Quarterly Communication was held at the City Hall Newcastle-upon-Tyne Northumberland.
    1935    The MW Pro G Master the Rt.Hon Lord Ampthill (ProvGMaster for Bedfordshire ; 27 years) died after a short Illness. The Earl of Harewood, KG, JCVO, DSO, was appointed Prov.G.Master.
    1939    HRH the Duke of Kent, KG, Installed as Grand Master, by MW Bro. HM King George V1. PGM at Olympia London on July 19th.
    1942    HRH Duke of Connaught KG, PGM, died Jan.16th. Duke of Kent, KG, GM, killed on active Service Aug.25th.
    1943    Sixth earl of Harewood, KG, Installed as Grand Master by MW Bro. HM King George V1., PGM, at Freemasons Hall London, June 1st.
    1948    Duke of Devonshire Installed as Grand Master by MW Bro. HM King George V1., PGM, at the Royal Albert Hall, London, 23rd March.
    1951    Eighteenth Earl of Derby, MC, was appointed DepGMaster, March 7th. Rt. Hon. Earl of Scarborough KG, GCSt., GCIE, TD, was Installed as Grand Master at the royal Albert Hall, London by the Rt. Hon. Earl of Derby MC, depGM, in the absence, through Illness of MW Bro. HM King George V1., PGM, Nov.6th.
    1952    HM HM King George V1. died Feb 6th.
    1953    Maj. Gen. Sir Alan H. S. Adair, Bt, CB, DSO, MC, DL, appointed Assistant GM, March 4th.
    1960    Seveth Earl Cadogan appointed DepGM, March 2nd.
    1963    HRH the Duke of Kent, GCVO,, Initiated Dec.16th.
    1966    Celebration of the Bi-Centenary of the Supreme Grand Chapter of England at Freemasons’ Hall, July 1st. 1967 Rt. Hon. Earl of Scarborough KG, GM, resigned, and accepted Office as Pro Grand Master on the election of HRH the Duke of Kent, GCVO, ADC, PSGW, as Grand Master. June 14th.


  • 1967-1992

    1967    250th Anniversary of the Grand Lodge of England, marked by the creation of a Trust Fund to which all the Members of the craft subscribed. Total to date announced as £ 542,651, the annual income from which would be used for the benefit of surgical research under the direction of the Royal College of Surgeons, June 14th.
    1967    250th Anniversary of the Grand Lodge of England at an Especial Grand Lodge held at the Royal Albert Hall, London, at which HRH the Duke of Kent GCVO, ADC, was Installed as Grand Master by MW Bro. Rt. Hon. Earl of Scarborough KG, ProGM, June 27th.
    1967    Princess Alexandra, the Hon Mrs. Angus Ogilvy, opened new “Homes of the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution” at Cramlington, Northumberland, July 18th.
    1969    The Rt. Hon. Earl Cadogan MC, OL, appointed ProGM, Dec. 10th.
    1969    Maj. Gen. Sir Alan H. S. Adair, Bt, CB, DSO, MC, DL, appointed Deputy GM, Dec. 10th.
    1971    The Hon James Neil Wykeham Cornwallis, OBE, appointed AssistantGM. Dec.8th.
    1974    Publication by the Craft of the “Bagnall Report” on Masonic Charities, Apl.24th.
    1976    Bi-Centanary of dedication of the first Freemasons’ Hall, May 23rd.
    1976    Hon Edward Latham Baillieu appointed AssistandGM, June 9th.
    1976    The Hon Fiennes Neil Wykeham Cornwallis, OBE, DL, appointed DeputyGM. Sept. 8th.
    1979    “Masonic Foundation for the aged and Sick”, was established Nov. 28th.
    1980    Grand Charity was established April 16th.
    1982    Rt Hon. Lord Farnham appointed Assistant GM April 28th., Rt Hon. Lord Cornwallis, OBE, TD, appointed  Pro Grand Master, June 9th.  Hon Edward Latham Baillieu appointed Deputy Grand Master, June 9th.
    1991    Rt Hon. Lord Farnham appointed Pro Grand Master, Dec.11th. RtW Bro. Iain Ross Bryce, TD, DL, appointed Deputy Grand Master, Dec.11th.
    1992    Cellebration of the 275th Anniversary of the Grand Lodge of England  at an especial Meeting of grand Lodge at Earls Court, London, over which HRH the Duke of Kent, KG,  Grand Master presided on the June 10th.


  • 1995-2016

    1995    Installation of RtW Bro. the Most Honourable the Marquess of  Northampton as Assistant Grand Master
    2001    Installation of RtW Bro. the Most Honourable the Marquess of  Northampton as Pro Grand Master on March 14th., following the retirement of MW Bro. Rt Hon. Lord Farnham. Also the Installation of W Bro. D.K.Williamson as Assistant Grand Master.
    2001    Masonry suffered the sad loss of MW Bro. Rt Hon. Lord Farnham, Past Pro Grand Master, on march 22nd.
    2002    “Freemasonry in the Community” An Initiative from the United Grand Lodge, for One Week, June 26-July 2nd.
    2003    W Bro. Richard John Anderson (then PAGDC) appointed, as the Provincial Grand Master in, and of, the Province of Yorkshire North & East Ridings, held in the University of York, Saturday February 8th.  11.30am.
    2004    Installation of RW Bro. Peter Geoffrey Lowndes, as Deputy Grand Master on March 10th., following the retirement of RW.Bro. Iain Ross Bryce, TD, DL.
    2004    W Bro. Jeffrey Gillyon Appointed Deputy Provincial Grand Master in, and of, the Province of Yorkshire North & East Ridings.
    2008    The Most Hon. Lord Northampton the Pro Grand Master, announced his retirement from the position he had occupied since March 2001.
    2009    RW Bro. Peter Geoffrey Lowndes, appointed as Pro Grand Master, March 11th.
    2009    Jonathan Spence appointed as Deputy Grand Master, March 11th.
    2010    W.Bro. P. J. Gillyon appointed Grand Steward.
    2012    Lennox Lodge No. 123, celebrated its 250th Anniversary, in the presence of the Provincial Grand Master.
    2013    On July 5th., the Provincial Grand Master, announced his retirement, as from 31st. October. Subsequently, the Most Worshipful Grand Master was pleased to Appoint V.W.Bro. Jeffrey Gillyon, as Provincial Grand Master with effect from 1st November 2013. (The Investiture to take place in York on 8th. March 2014.
    2014    At a Special Meeting On 8th. March,  V.W.Bro. Jeffrey Gillyon, was Invested, and Proclaimed as Provincial Grand Master:  He then Obligated and Invested W.Bro. William Henry Fisher as Deputy Provincial Grand Master.
    2014   At a Special Provincial Grand Chapter Meeting On 8th. March,  E. Comp Jeffrey Gillyon PAGDC was Obligated and Invested as Grand Superintendant: He then Obligated, and Invested E Comp Peter Michael Mawer as Deputy Grand Superintendant.
    2014   Sir David Wootton was appointed ASSISTANT GRAND MASTER March 12th.
    2015   Both the Provincial Grand Lodge, and Provincial Grand Chapter meetings were held on May 9th. 
    At this time  The 2018 Festival had raised almost One Million pounds, and Chapters £25,000, towards the target of 1.7 Million.

    2016   May 1st.   At this time