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The Rainbow Centre.

When Kevin Howard,Charity Steward of Leopold 1760 started the December Jolly Boys Christmas Charity Fundraiser, he thought he would have just enough donations to provide 100+ Christmas Dinners for people attending the Salvation Army Citadel on Christmas Day in Scarborough.
Due to the kindness of Leopold 1760 members,families & guests at The Jolly Boys Christmas Lodge he had a surplus amount of Donations and put it to the members of Leopold if they knew of any locally based Scarborough Charities which could really use £600.00.

The Rainbow Centre was mentioned,and Kevin headed down to Castle Road to investigate.

Since 1997, the Rainbow centre has been providing practical help and support for homeless or vulnerable people in Scarborough.
An emergency food bank, where 5627 individuals & families were helped last year, and re-cycled clothing & furniture helped a further 590 people.
There is an inexpensive cafe with access to a phone or PC for Job search or benefit enquiries-2303 individuals were helped last year, resolving issues with landlords or housing associations etc.

The Centre run an advocate service, along with an over 65s luncheon club, combating loneliness among our senior citizens.

There are volunteering opportunities for those seeking to improve job skills-14,450 volunteering hours last year and work placements for trainee Social workers.

There are approx. 200 people a week passing through the Centre, naturally some individuals come along more than once, the donation of £600.00 was gratefully accepted, and when Kevin gained a further £1400.00 from Provincial Grand Charity, this enabled the Rainbow Centre to purchase IT equipment and refurbish their offices to ensure that the facility enables it to be fit for purpose.

You can imagine the delight when a  further £1000.00 had been received from Grand Charity, after Denis Kelly, the Provincial Grand Charity Steward had submitted a further application,for this very worthwhile cause.