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A Very Important Person at the garden party

GardenParty2On July 15th 2017 the Constitutional Lodge Nº 294 held a Tercentenary Garden Party and Hog Roast at the home of Bro Nick MacIvor and his wife Elaine.

Amongst the throng of people who attended was a Very Important Person attending her first public outing after serious illness. Her name was Niamh Gargan aged eight months. Shortly after Niamh was born she was diagnosed with fibrosarcoma, a very rare form of cancer which affects the connective tissues.

After diagnosis Niamh received a course of chemotherapy which lasted for six months and was given the all clear after that period although she continues to be monitored. Needless to say her parents Tom and Carol and her sister Bettie were constantly at her side during this worrying time so when they attended the Garden Party, Carol put Niamh’s name in the draw for the first prize of a large TLC Teddy Bear and was delighted to win...

The Teddy is now a prized possession and a great companion to both Niamh and Bettie. So, another success for a TLC Bear who has brought happiness to a little girl recovering from a serious illness.

From the funds raised at the Garden Party, Bro MacIvor requested that the Lodge should donate £100:00 to TLC. At the Lodge meeting of Sept 7th a sum of £160:00 was raised at the Festive Board raffle. This was added to the £100:00 and a cheque for £26:00 was presented to W Bro Martin Eggermont for him to pass on to the TLC fund.