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Brethren, in an effort to more widely publicise our now annual “On The Level Meeting” (when Kirkleatham Lodge No 6363 does things somewhat differently) I am posting this on the Provincial Website and to Lodges not normally in our catchment. Wednesday 21st June – the third Wednesday!

At the “On the Level” meeting we set out to do two things; one to have some fun and secondly (and most importantly) on this occasion to make our somewhat inaccessible building suitable for our less mobile Brothers.
Normally access to the Temple in the Marwood buiding, home to Redcar’s five lodges, comprises of three steps at the entrance, then a three flight staircase with two half landings and finally a further three steps up into the temple; and of course the reverse going down. Many Brethren for reasons of age, accident, illness or infirmity find this journey from ground to first floor too onerous and therefore do not attend.
So for this one meeting each year we bring the Temple downstairs and basically using the dining hall table and chairs plus the Lodge Essentials hold a Regular meeting on the ground floor – On the Level – immediately followed by the after-meeting in the same place.

This enables any Brother who can negotiate the three steps at the entrance to attend at least one meeting a year at Redcar Masonic Hall. AND There is a ramp for wheelchairs/invalid scooter access and assistance for anyone, whether wheeled or pedestrian, needing it. By attending you will help us state the case for the building to be made user friendly.
We will be conducting a Second Degree – Bro Jack Campbell (one of our younger Brothers, still not 21, Initiated 8th February) will be led, quite literally, around the tables. Come and see.
The set-up for the meeting is minimalistic and we rather whimsically, perhaps even romantically, compare it to Lodges of yesteryear held in the back room of a pub or hotel. It is atmospheric - the whole being candlelit. In another nod to the past we cater the meal ourselves – cooked, served and cleared by our own Stewards – and priced accordingly. It will be simple fare with a choice of meat+vegetable stew with rustic fresh baked bread or butternut squash curry+naan bread; followed by cheese+biscuits.

So Brethren if you know anyone who struggles to attend because of the difficult access but who might otherwise attend a meeting PLEASE tell them; or better still bring them on the night. We would welcome all Brethren, fully mobile or less so, from near and far with the very best of warm hands and glad hearts on Wednesday 21st June 2017 – the third Wednesday!

For queries or to book-in : E.Dolan (Sec) 01642 482039
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.