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Wanted - Masonic Educators


Our Province is part of a National Education Initiative which is about to make Educational and Learning Material for both the Craft and Royal Arch, and its associated ‘Good Practice’, readily accessible to us all, via the internet.
To contribute to this initiative, and make the best use of this windfall and adapt it to our needs, we are creating our own EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT GROUP, populated by masons with special skills, knowledge and experience.

So, if you feel you can assist, by carrying out one of the following roles: -

• Education Officer or Deputy - leading and managing the whole process
• A member of the Editorial Board - editing, adapting and creating educational learning material;
• Educational Consultants - with specialist knowledge of the Craft or Royal Arch
• A member of a Cadre of presenters and facilitators - delivering interesting and vibrant presentations, activities, and events to groups, lodges and chapters
• A member of the IT and communication group - bringing education and learning directly to our members via the internet, and advertising and promoting activities and events through social media.

Register your interest by emailing Paul Harper (see below) by the end of July, or before, with: -

• Your contact details, i.e. email - telephone - your lodge or chapter,
• A short CV (just a few lines), be it vocational, experiential, or masonic
• The role or group you consider would be your ‘best-fit’, i.e. Education Officer/Deputy; Editorial Board/Consultant; Presenter/Facilitator; IT & Social Media.

We will the get back to you, have a conversation, and take it from there!
Contact Paul Harper: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 01482 844965 or 07875 979850