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On Saturday, 7th October 2017, a group of Founding members, of a proposed new Lodge, met at Dagger Lane Masonic Hall, Hull, to sign a formation petition, for submission, to the Provincial Grand Master, of Yorkshire North & East Ridings, and ultimately to the United Grand Lodge of England.

This petition, was for the formation of an old-style Lodge, called Phoenix Lodge, based in a public house, in the City of Culture 2017, Kingston Upon Hull, in the Province of Yorkshire North & East Ridings.

To keep the harmony of the Lodge paramount, it was decided, at this meeting, that the Primus Officers would be drawn from a hat.

The Founding committee are hoping to resurrect, an old Lodge from the early Nineteenth Century, the Phoenix Lodge.

The original Phoenix Lodge, used to conduct their regular meetings, in an upstairs room of a Public House, with Lodge workings and business conducted around a table.

The new Phoenix Lodge will have a mix of old Masonic traditions, including its own unique ritual that incorporates elements of the Ancient workings.

So, as Grandpa Potts said in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, "up from the ashes grow the roses of success" and with these elements, of meeting in a public house and style of ritual, it will make Phoenix a very special and singular Lodge for the Hull area.

The meeting time of the new Lodge will be 7:00pm, so that brethren with work / family commitments are not rushed, and the younger Brethren can spend time with their young family before attending the meetings.

It was also decided that this Lodge, once consecrated, will meet five times a year.

The Lodge will not be having a Festive Board at each meeting (Installations excepted), so this will keep the costs down.

This, of course, does not prevent Brethren having a convivial meal, at a local eatery pre- or post-meeting should they wish.

Toasts however, WILL be included at the meetings. (Subject to the correct Tyling of the Lodge.)

The honour of being the first officers of Phoenix Lodge go to:
Primus Master W Bro. James Steele
Senior Warden W Bro. Ian Syddall
Junior Warden W Bro. Mike Shakesby
Chaplain. W Bro. Eddie Wildman
Treasurer W Bro. Paul Hillary
Secretary. W Bro. Mark Richardson VR
Director of Ceremonies W Bro. Craig Maurier
Almoner W Bro. Ben Rose
Charity Steward. W Bro. John Broughton
Lodge Mentor W Bro. Tony Calvert
Senior Deacon W Bro. John Wheeldon
Junior Deacon. Bro. Ian Parkinson
Assistant Director of Ceremonies Bro. Johannes Van Rij
Assistant Secretary W Bro. John Stead
Assistant Almoner W Bro. Paul Henderson
Inner Guard. Bro. Richard Mike East
Steward W Bro. Danny Betts
Steward. Bro. Lee Cross
Steward. Bro. Daniel Ransom
Steward. W Bro. Antonio Jose Ramirez Jimenez
Tyler. W Bro. Richard Smedley
Immediate Past Master W Bro. Alex McCallum
Master in Waiting W Bro. Richard Theaker
Preceptor. W Bro. Adrian Rounce
At the Organ VACANT
Royal Arch Representative W Bro. Gary Shores
Assistant information Officer Bro. Johannes Van Rij
Assistant information Officer Bro. Rob Atkinson

W Bro Gary Shores
Phoenix Lodge Founder
Communications PMG