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Technical Lodge Gets Studious

In a Lodge far, far away, on the 17th February, Technical Lodge 5666, W. Bro Jonathan Sykes, welcomed and initiated Star Wars fanatic, Arash Vesali, an Iranian student, who is studying mathematics at Hull University.
'Ash', being an avid Star Wars fan was duly initiated, and at the festive board he felt 'the force' and warmth of becoming part of the masonic family. The buzz at the festive board was palpable with a good few Entered Apprentices experiencing the start of their masonic life.
W. Bro. James Steele (PMG - Universities Coordinator) said that he was "pleased with the progress the University scheme is having". He added "that at amongst those present at Bro. Vesali's big night were a number of other student brethren from the province who came to support him."
Arash is keen to see a first degree conducted while his ceremony is fresh in his head. As is said often, visiting is a pleasurable and enlightening aspect of masonry. With this in mind he has already identified and booked in at an up coming first degree at Beverlonian 9084.

ash initiation 2

Those in the photo are:

From left: Bro. Alistair Heaton (Alcuin No. 6300), W. Bro. James Steele (PMG - Universities Coordinator), Bro. Arash Vesali (Technical Lodge No. 5666) W.Bro. Jonathan Sykes (WM of Technical Lodge Mo. 5666) Bro. Llloyd Glanville (Wilberforce No. 2134), Bro. Alistair Lamyman (De La Pole No. 1605) Bro. Jordan Surtees (Wilberforce No. 2134), Bro. Kudzayiishe Charumbira (De La Pole, No.1605)