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YORK MINSTER is indicative of the importance of traditional skills passing through the ages. In contrast to today’s glass, steel and concrete edifices, it continues to retain its splendour because it has been lovingly – and faithfully – preserved by craftspeople who have respected and upheld the work of their forebears. It’s all the more reason to welcome the appointment of three apprentice stonemasons after the Minster received a £170,000 grant from Yorkshire, North and East Ridings Freemasons. Without old skills being passed to new generations, celebrated buildings like York Minster will lose the charm and character which make them…
Masonic Halls across our Province will be open to the public 24th June 2017 As you may be aware, Masonic Halls across the country are opening their doors to the public on Saturday 24th June There has been a lot of promotion for this endevour and across the Province there has even been radio coverage of the forthcoming events. Please click on the links below to listen to the various interviews.   Radio Humberside - Live from Beverley Road (approx 13mins into clip) Radio York - Finders Keepers Masonic Hall Selby (approx 2hr:20min into clip) Radio York - Jonathan Cowap…
Sat 17th June, Clue 4 of the Radio York Finders Keepers programme took it to the Masonic Hall at Selby and gave the Lodge of St Germain an opportunity to tell the listeners about its Open Day on Saturday 24th June and also for all the other Open Days throughout the Province. Jeremy Buxton, the presenter, was met by the WM, Dave Strathie and Chris Cooper, the Lodge PR Officer. The broadcast was made live so both Dave and Chris found this quite daunting but we hope you will like the result.
Quatuor Coronati Lodge is the world’s premier research lodge. Established in 1884 and consecrated in 1886, the lodge champions an evidence-based approach to the study of Masonic history and research into the origins of Freemasonry. It was then and is now referred to as the ‘authentic school’.Quatuor Coronati shares its research and provides support to Masonic researchers internationally through the QC Correspondence Circle (‘QCCC’), established more than a century ago. We hold meetings incorporating lectures five times a year at Freemasons’ Hall in London, to which all QCCC members are welcome; publish our lectures, research papers and ‘notes & queries’…
IN JUNE KIRKLEATHAM LODGE IS “ON THE LEVEL”. Brethren, in an effort to more widely publicise our now annual “On The Level Meeting” (when Kirkleatham Lodge No 6363 does things somewhat differently) I am posting this on the Provincial Website and to Lodges not normally in our catchment. Wednesday 21st June – the third Wednesday!At the “On the Level” meeting we set out to do two things; one to have some fun and secondly (and most importantly) on this occasion to make our somewhat inaccessible building suitable for our less mobile Brothers.Normally access to the Temple in the Marwood buiding,…
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