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Wearing the Tercentenary jewel There are new guide lines, which take immediate effect, relating to the wearing of the new Tercentenary Jewel. The Jewel can be worn by any member of United Grand Lodge of England, who is a member between 24th June 2016(launch date) and 31st December 2017. Anyone initiated between those dates can purchase the Tercentenary Jewel but will not be eligible to wear it until they have been raised. The Jewel can be worn by Master Masons, Master and Past Masters, Provincial and Grand officers. How it should be worn in the Province of Yorkshire North &…
It was going to be a busy Masonic weekend, following an eventful week, so on Friday morning I ensured I’d ironed sufficient white shirts, paired them with the appropriate ties and checked that the suits were ready on their hangers. That afternoon we were setting off on a Provincial Team visit to Peace Lodge 3936 in Middlesbrough, which was quite a way from Hull, so an early start was in order. The next day I had an Athelstan meeting in Leeds, followed by a Daggards presentation back in Hull. I laid everything out, congratulating myself on being so well organised.Today…
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