UGLE Pathway Project

Dates for Launch of the UGLE Pathway project in this Province


Here are the next dates planned for the roll out of the UGLE Pathway project launches for our Province. When the Launch is in your part of the Province, The Lodge Worshipful Master, Secretary and Mentor all get an invite to the workshop.

Lodges that have already attended will share with you these Launch workshops are a unique opportunity for lodges (Craft and Chapter) to attend a session with their Worshipful Master, Master Elect, Wardens, Mentor, MEZ Elect, Royal Arch Representative or anyone that has been identified in the Lodge/Chapter succession planning or indeed are significant members of the Lodge in its continued development, to attend a Launch session.

The launch consists of an interactive workshop utilising and analysing individual Lodge membership data and examines how Pathway can be applied in providing a 5-year Lodge plan.

As you know the Learning and development Executive team have spent considerable time in the preparation and planning of the workshops to ensure that they deliver a truly unique experience.
Below is the agenda which is followed every session;

  • A rationale for change
  • Introduction to Pathway
  • Hiram & Solomon (Learning & Development)
  • Reading Lodge statistics
  • Lodge
  • Group-work
  • Pathway demonstration
  • WM/MEZ elect & RAR’s introduction to the roles

All Lodges that attend are provided with electronic and paper-based information/guidance and although we advocate, they use of the information/guidance, it is up to the Lodge to use or to ignore what is provided. To date all Lodges that have attended have all found the information invaluable and a great assistance in producing a 5-year plan.
The Pathway part of the workshop takes roughly two hours. We also provide an additional one-hour bolt-on event at the end of the session, especially designed for Master/MEZ Elects and Royal Arch Representatives. These sessions are held at several Lodge buildings across the province and attendance from your Lodge when invited is strongly recommended.

Mike Cheeseman
Project launch coordinator

St Saviourgate, York 02/03/2019 – 10:00 Alcuin 6300, York 236, Minster 4663, Old Peterite 6412, Mitre Lodge 7321, Concord Lodge 9553,  Albert Victor 2328 and Eboracum 1611
Guisborough 09/03/2019 – 10:00 Old Guisborian 7793, Huntcliffe 4539, Handyside 1618, Hazelgrove 6542, Kirkleatham 6363 and Coatham 9592
18/03/2019 – 18:00 Lodge of Philosophy 6057, Saltscar 5173, Marwood 1244, De Brus 4244, Ferrum 1848 and Lodge of St Hilda 6666
30/03/2019 – 10:00 Vulcan 4510, Acklam 6248,Dundas 7970, Yarm 9544, Ronaldshay 5276, Ashbrooke 9619 and North York 602