Zetland Lodge supports Autism

Dave Gargett WM and Andy Hill Charity Steward present a chq of £1260 to AUKESTRA which was raised by the generosity of all who attended the Zetland Lodge Ladies night on 12th October at Guisborough Hall

The band is a mixture of Autistic and non autistic musicians who perform around the globe. The main aim of the Company Aukestral Creative Solutions is to give a valued purpose to all who attend on a daily basis and in the main learn music with the ultimate of performing Live at functions like ours. With out the Company and their Music their Lives would be empty. Although booked for over a year the fact they had a fire at their HQ just a month before or event destroying most of their instruments made it a more auspicious event.

They perform to such an high standard you wouldn’t know the Key Board player is actually blind and Autistic.

The WM Dave Gargett commented “he didn’t know who enjoyed the night most the guests or the Band. It made me so proud to WM of Zetland Lodge and a Freemason in general.

Jak who runs Aukestra stated “what an Amazing night, an incredibly generous bunch you lot are and congratulations on such a successful event.

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